Volvo Cars Register Three “Ideal” Category Wins

Volvo C70, S40, and C30 are top rated in AutoPacific’s 2008 Ideal Vehicle Awards The automotive research and consulting firm AutoPacific announced yesterday its annual Ideal Vehicle Awards (IVA), of which three category winners were Volvos. An “ideal” is defined as an excellent or perfect example. So, in search of the ideal vehicle, AutoPacific asked [...]

XC90: Volvo’s Best-Seller

Volvo XC90 is Volvo’s best selling model worldwide with 85,994 cars sold in 2005. It was first launched in 2003 based on the Volvo P2 platform. Because of its superb performance, the Volvo XC90 also won the North American Truck of the Year award and Motor Trend magazine’s Sport/Utility of the Year for 2003. It [...]