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Mazda Develops World-First Automated Recycling Technology for End-of-Life Vehicle Bumpers

New recycling process is efficient, compatible with all bumper makes and eliminates the need for separate collection networks Mazda Motor Corporation has developed a world-first recycling technology which enhances the process it uses to recycle used bumpers from vehicles, whose useful life has ended, into raw plastic resin for use in new vehicle bumpers. The [...]

Mazda: the First Japanese Automaker to Develop a Urea SCR System for Cars

Mazda Motor Corporation’s sporty SUV, the Mazda CX-7, will be the first passenger vehicle produced by a Japanese automaker to be equipped with a urea selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system. Mazda’s SCR is smaller than previous systems, which is a significant improvement that enables it to be installed in passenger cars. It will be combined [...]