SEAT: Making a grand entrance

  • New sporty saloon boasts exceptional quality
  • Three petrol engines, three common rail Diesel engines and three generous  equipment levels
  • The entire range complies with EU5 emissions legislation

SEAT is making a big entrance in the saloon segment with a great car.  The Exeo stands out as one of the most advanced models in its category and features very competitive pricing. The Spanish company has entered the prestigious B segment with a product that combines luxury, comfort and spaciousness with the underlying sports philosophy that characterises all its models.

The SEAT Exeo offer includes six engine choices, three petrol and three Diesel, the latter being equipped with advanced common rail technology for the first time. The entire range complies with stringent EU5 emissions legislation, and is available in three trim levels – Reference, Style and Sport.

New to the segment

The arrival of the new SEAT Exeo signals the Spanish brand’s move into the B segment, which is the third most important in the European market. Not only will this move attract new customers, but will also allow current SEAT owners to step up to a better, larger model. Importantly, too, many of these new SEAT customers will hail from what is known as the “company car” sector, which makes up a broad percentage of sales in this segment.

The Martorell factory has been adapted in record time to begin production of the SEAT Exeo. The process has taken 18 months, including  the development and organisation of  the 15,000 square metres of facilities to suit production of the Spanish brand’s new saloon. The assembly line has the capacity to produce 450 car bodies daily of the sedan and ST versions, although the initial production output will be lower. The Shingijutsu system has been applied to deliver the highest productivity, which optimises all the processes in order to achieve the highest quality in the shortest time.

A quick look at the exterior of the new Exeo reveals its elegant lines. On one hand, its size and distinctive touches display its saloon traits, while the characteristic SEAT features insinuate its sporty philosophy and enhance its sporty looks with the Arrow Design at the front, the brand logo that doubles as a boot latch at the rear, and the side mirrors located on the door panels.

The chassis of the new Exeo also bears the brand’s DNA. There’s a multi-link suspension system front and rear, and SEAT’s new vehicle features ratings that provide sporty, dynamic performance.

The arrival of common rail

The new SEAT Exeo not only signals the brand’s arrival in the saloon segment, but is also a breakthrough for common rail Diesel engines. They provide lower emissions levels, better fuel consumption figures and lower noise levels. The launch will include the 170 and143 hp models, and will be joined by a further 120 hp model in September. They all feature an optimised DPF particulate filter, helping to make them compliant with the strict EU5 emissions legislation that will become compulsory in 2011.

The petrol range also contains three engines: the 102 hp 1.6, the 150 hp 1.8 turbo and the direct injection 2.0 TSI that delivers 200 hp. All the petrol-powered models also comply with EU5 emissions guidelines, making the SEAT Exeo the first model in this segment whose entire range complies with these strict measures. It is also further proof of the brand’s constant commitment to sustainable development.

The 143 hp Diesel engine’s emissions reach 143 g of CO2 per kilometre and 153 g on the 170 hp model, while the figures for the 1.6 petrol engine are 175 g/km, 184 g/km on the 1.8 and 179 g/km on the 2.0 TSI. Five of the six available engines are turbo-charged, which results in better performance and lower fuel consumption and emissions figures.

All the engine choices are equipped with a six-speed manual gearbox, with an automatic, sequential Multitronic system planned for the 2.0 TSI before the end of the year.

Luxurious and well-appointed

A close look at the new SEAT Exeo reveals impressive quality, luxury and standard equipment levels. From its silhouette to its cosy interior and extensive range of elements, luxury and comfort combine with the sportiness that is characteristic of the brand’s products.

There is an exciting range of 14 body colours and six luxurious interior trim levels to choose from. The entry-level Reference version features seven airbags as standard, with two additional rear seat thorax airbags optionally available across the entire range. The Reference version also features, as standard, dual zone climate control, ABS + TCS, ESP with EBA emergency braking, 16-inch steel rims, trip computer, front and rear power windows, heated electric door mirrors, fog lights, remote controlled central locking, CD radio with MP3, aux-in and four speakers, and Isofix anchoring points on the front passenger seat and rear window seats with the additional Top Tether, among many other things. For those looking for more, the Style and Sport versions are equipped with even more generous levels of standard equipment.

The Exeo is available with a latest-generation navigation system, a new infotainment system with numerous functions and connectivity options (MP3, IPODâ, USB, Bluetooth), as well as a hi-tech sunroof equipped with solar cells that generate power to run the ventilation system and cool the interior while the car is parked with the engine off – thereby removing the risk of running down the battery.

Source / Advanced Information: SEAT Media Center

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