With cars like the R8 Gordini, 5 GT Turbo and Clio Williams, the Renault range has always featured affordable sporty cars based on mainstream production models.
Twingo Renault Sport is latest car to enjoy that distinction. Twingo Renault Sport is the result of a double challenge which sought to deliver a car with genuine sporty credentials at an affordable price. It is a Renault Sport car through and through, and features the same ingredients that have helped forged the success of its larger siblings, Clio and Mégane Renault Sport. These include specific styling, coupled with a chassis, engine and braking system engineered for a high standard of efficiency and performance that is also suited to everyday use.

Twingo Renault Sport’s release stems from a desire to facilitate access to the
Renault Sport experience. Twingo Renault Sport’s compact proportions and sharp styling echo the Twingo
Concept show car which was a star of the 2006 Paris Motor Show. The newcomer’s pedigree and sporty looks are highlighted by its bumpers, wider front and rear wings, sculpted side skirts and an aerodynamic spoiler. Inside, the cabin has been tailored for focused sports driving, with Renault Sport front seats for enhanced
lateral support, plus specific aluminium pedals, a leather steering wheel and revcounter.
From launch, it will be possible to customise the car to owners’ individual tastes thanks to a range of exterior and interior Renault Sport detailing accessories, as well as a multimedia connection point.
As suggested by its fully disconnectable ESP, which comes as standard, Twingo Renault Sport delivers genuine sports enjoyment but is also suited to everyday use. Its finely balanced handling ensures that it is easy to assimilate and fun to drive, while ensuring a particularly high standard of safety. As is the case with Clio and Mégane Renault Sport, two types of chassis (‘Sport’ and ‘Cup’) are available.
Both benefit from wider front and rear tracks, while the main components of its powerful, durable braking system are sourced from higher segment models. Twingo Renault Sport is powered by a naturally-aspirated 1.6 litre 16V engine developed by Renault Sport Technologies. This powerplant pumps out 133hp (98kW) at 6,750rpm, with 160Nm of torque at 4,400rpm. The unit’s punchy character is reinforced by a characteristic engine note which has been the focus of specific development. The four-into-one exhaust is a technological feat which strikes a perfect balance between acoustics, performance and low emissions.

Twingo Renault Sport has plenty in its favour to win over a new, young clientele. To support these customers buying their first hot hatch, Renault Sport is offering a Renault Sport Experience driving tuition course in certain countries. This service is unprecedented in the small car segment and offers instruction on safe driving techniques. The Renault Sport Experience comes in addition to the Enthusiast Days which permit customers to drive their car in the safe environment of a circuit in the presence of instructors and service staff.

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