Saab’s 9-3 BioPower delivers Renewable, Economical and Responsible power

Recently, the new 9-3 BioPower series of Saab was launched in Australia to offer a wide variety of choices from renewable bioethanol, economical diesel or petrol power engines to the Australian drivers.

The unveiling of the 9-3 series is an addition to Saab’s line-up of E85 flex-fuel vehicles giving most environmental advantages. The 9-3 series includes the Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan, SportCombi and the Convertible model priced at a $1,000 premium more than its petrol model which is already on sale.

Riding with Saab’s launch of the 9-3, United Petroleum, Australia’s largest fuel retailer confirmed their plans of building two Australia’s first E85 fuel pumps in Melbourne and Sydney.

With a vehicle powered by the E85 fuel, CO2 emissions will be largely reduced by 80 percent according to Saab estimates. Saab also said that the most fuel efficient small capacity diesel engines releases between 120-130 grams of fossil CO2 per kilometer. Compared to the 9-3 BioPower, emissions are just 40 grams of fossil CO2 per kilometer and with a bonus of a more desirable performance.

Parveen Batish, Director of General Motors premium brands praised United Petroleum and said that its commitment to supplying the consumers with E85 will change the face of transport in Australia.

“With the launch of BioPower, Saab set out to break the chicken and egg cycle that prevented Australian drivers from choosing a renewable fuel alternative,” Mr Batish said.

“Saab took the first leap and United Petroleum is taking the same bold leadership position with its commitment to make E85 commercially available to flex-fuel car drivers.

“This is a big investment by United Petroleum. We think with this support BioPower will be a success in Australia and will stimulate other manufacturers to bring their flex-fuel vehicles to this country as well. This is the tip of the iceberg,” Mr Batish said.

“With a bioethanol model, a powerful and economical diesel and a carbon off-set through Greenfleet for every new car we sell, the Saab 9-3 (equipped with Saab radiator hose) range really does deliver on our promise of performance with responsibility.”

The newly launched 9-3 BioPower is the flex-fuel ethanol version of the Saab 9-3 with just additional environment friendly features. The car will run on E85 fuel made up of 85 percent Ethanol and 15 percent petrol or petrol in any combination from just one fuel tank.

Also, Saab Australia became the first automaker to bring the Australian automotive market the first renewable, bioethanol powered car with its launching of the 9-5 Bio Power to go on sale. The 9-5 BioPower is already the leading flex-fuel segment in Europe significantly in Sweden.


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