BMW old models and new models

BMW is one of the best known car makers in the entire world. The reason for this is the high quality, the technology employed and the style that has defined all the models of BMWs throughout the years.

BMW as a company was created in 1927, being at first an engine producer and then a motorcycle producer. Even today, BMW is known to be a great motorcycle producer. Only after a while, BMW has become a car manufacturer. The initials stand for Bavarian Motor Works, but not many people pay attention to that, the BMW initials being more famous than anything. BMW was not acquired by other car manufacturer company, being a big company already, too big to be incorporated by others. Instead, BMW has developed into the parent company of the Rolls Royce and the MINI, and these were two very important achievements for the business.

BMW has engaged in producing limited series of models, which are the odd numbered and even numbered series. Some of these limited series models comprise the saloon sedan and the estate wagon on one hand and the coupes and cabriolets on the other. The 6 Series and the 8 Series of BMWs are just a few of the launched models of luxury cars by BMW. These are older models, classic ones, so if you are looking for something fresh and hot, you could check out the Z3 and the Z4. These models are BMW roadsters presented in two door convertible and two door coupe models. The Z3 has even stared in the James Bond movie called Golden Eye.

The 5 Series BMWs have just been launched. The 5 Series cars are mid sized luxury cars or executive cars and can be ordered in sedan and touring body styles. Even if the model is a bit older, being launched in 1972, the technicians from BMW have added a plus of new technology and glamour, making these BMW a treasure to have.

At the sports car chapter, BMW will launch the V/F3, a sports tourer.

In case you are wondering what BMW has in stock for you, here’s a hint: the Z10. This will be a better Z8, which is a two seat, two door convertible car. The Z10 is out in 2008 and will be endowed with a V10 engine of 550 horse power. Only the Z2 can beat that, and you can expect this model to appear in 2009, the Z2 will feature a 4 cylinder engine, being a roadster and coupe.

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